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The Silver Lounge is an Airstream that is 18 squared meters that can accommodate 10 and 25 people depending on the configuration, the modular and how fully equipped you prefer. Your guests, clients  and colleagues will feel comfortable as if they are at home.​


Showroom / Pop up Store / Road Show
The  Silver Lounge can be used as an exhibition space or pop up store at shows or other events. 
You can save yourself the construction of a conventional stand while benefitting from the visibility and development of your unique products.

Presse / Mobile office
Organize your press conference in a comfortable and unique space.

The Silver Lounge can also be transformed into a mobile office or be used as a press center or production office during special events.

Espace VIP / Séminaire
The Silver Lounge provides a comfortable and sophisticated lounge for artists and special guests.        
It can also be a new and progressive space to host seminars and meetings.


- Choice of indoor furniture (armchairs, seats, couches, tables, bar, lamps, etc.)
- Multimedia System, flat screen, loudspeakers
- Refrigerator  / coffee maker

- Air conditioner / heater
- LED lighting

Additional features 
- Outdoor furniture
- wood deck
- umbrellas
- Outdoor lighting
- Outdoor PA system 


Airstream Sovereign 31’
dimensions: 980 x 245 x 280 cm
weight: 2000 kg
Surface: 18 square meters


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